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Below is information from Telford & Wrekin Council regarding forthcoming works in our local area.




We will shortly be working in your area as part of the Council’s ‘Pride in Our Community’ investment programme. Between 2018 and 2022 we are investing over £50m in creating a better borough with improvements to roads, footpaths, street lights, road signs, highways structures and green spaces.

 In 2019/20 our aim is to further improve our road network and highway assets. Some £12m will be invested during the year, delivering 222 improvement schemes across the borough.  These improvements will be achieved in partnership with the Council’s new highways contractor Balfour Beatty.

 We will shortly be carrying out major works on the A442 Southbound carriageway between Randlay Interchange & Stirchley Interchange which will include, but not be limited to, full resurfacing of the carriageway with a large area of reconstruction, replacement of whole drainage system and major repairs to bridge structures and barriers in the locality. The works will be completed by our new partner and highways contractor Balfour Beatty, who will be using their specialist sub-contractors: Quantum Traffic Management, Tarmac Ltd, GN Groundworks Ltd, Volkerlaser & WJ. Further details are shown below;

  • A442 Randlay Interchange to Stirchley Interchange (Southbound)
  • Preparation works starting Sunday 23rd February 2020 at 7pm
  • Major works starting Monday 2nd March 2020 at 6am
  • Duration of 3 months (weather permitting)
  • Full resurfacing of the carriageway with a large area of reconstruction, replacement of whole drainage system and major repairs to a bridge structures and barriers in the locality
  • www.telford.gov.uk/roadworks

Traffic Management Arrangements;

  • Sunday 23rd February to Saturday 29th February (7pm – 6am) construction of crossover locations in central reservation under lane 2 closures Northbound & Southbound
  • Sunday 1st March for 1 night (7pm – 6am) installation of Contraflow system under a full road closure
  • Monday 2nd March from 6am running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until 7pm Friday 22nd May – Major works under contraflow system including the road closures of Randlay Interchange A442 Southbound on-slip, Stirchley Interchange A442 Southbound off-slip and lane 1 closures around Randlay Interchange and Stirchley Interchange (including all approaches affected)
  • End of May for 1 night (7pm – 6am) removal of Contraflow system & reinstatement of permanent barriers in the central reservation and permanent road markings and studs
  • One week following on of lane 2 closures (7pm – 6am) continued reinstatement of permanent barriers in the central reservation

Information: Contraflow system

Our contraflow design for this scheme is a temporary traffic management layout whereby two lanes of live traffic in both directions (Northbound and Southbound) are reduced to 1 lane approaching the works and the southbound lane then crossing over the central reservation resulting in both Southbound and Northbound traffic travelling on the northbound carriageway under two-way flow. There will be a temporary (mandatory) speed restriction in place, the speed limit will incrementally reduce from 60mph, to 40mph prior to the works area then 30mph through the works area. Increasing back up to 60mph at the end of the works area (in both directions, Northbound & Southbound). The contraflow has allowed us to undertake these major works without fully closing the road.

Balfour Beatty will be the lead delivering this work in partnership with the Council and our details are below, for any questions or queries relating to this scheme please contact us at our new highways hub:


For more information about the Council’s Pride in Our Community programme please visit www.telford.gov.uk/pride. The full list of works planned for your area can be found on the projects page.


Kind Regards

Balfour Beatty – Telford Highways Hub

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By way of Road Humps and Prohibition of Waiting.

Click on the documents below for more information.


Raised Zebra Crossing:

TRO-2020-06a – Sutton Way – Zebra Crossing & Road Hump – Statement of Reasons

TRO-2020-06a – Sutton Way – Zebra Crossing & Road Hump – Site Notice

TRO-2020-06a – Sutton Way – Zebra Crossing & Road Hump – Detailed Design Plan


Waiting Prohibitions and Restrictions in Sutton Hill:

TRO-2020-06 Various Road, Sutton Hill – Statement of Reasons

TRO-2020-06 Various Road, Sutton Hill – Draft Order

TRO-2020-06 Sutton Way Plan North

TRO-2020-06 Sutton Way Plan South


Telford & Wrekin Council


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A442 Randlay to Stirchley Southbound
A442 Randlay On Slip
A442 Stirchley Off Slip