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Publications Available At Jubilee House

The reception area at Jubilee House has a wealth of information from many organisations. From the Police to local community groups, we are pleased to provide a central information point for any matter of local interest. Additionally, our notice boards are crammed with news on up and coming events.

Visitors are welcome to call in and browse any time; please press the bell marked ‘Reception’.

We are also happy to provide a facility for promotional material from local businesses that operate within the Parish boundary.


Madeley Matters

Madeley Town Council produces ‘Madeley Matters’, a quarterly newsletter. Although distributed through local primary schools you can CLICK HERE to read the last issue.  Alternatively, pick up a copy from one of the various locations around the town, ie Tesco Madeley, Aldi Madeley, Abraham Darby Leisure Centre, Madeley Dentist, Park Lane Centre, The Hub on the Hill and lots more.


Madeley History Group have produced several leaflets and booklets about local people and places:-

A5 Booklets (£1 each unless individually priced):

  • Parish Pubs
  • St Michael’s church yard trail
  • Parish Pastimes No. 1 – Madeley Amateur Dramatic society
  • Parish Pastimes No. 2 – Madeley Carnivals
  • Starting Out on Sutton Hill (foc)
  • The Woodside Story (foc)
  • The Madeley Wood (Kemberton pit) disaster 1910
  • Madeley on the Map – The changing face of Madeley 1910 -2010
  • Jubilee House and it’s Artwork
  • A Short History of the Fletcher Memorial Methodist Church
  • Made in Madeley: the stories of some notable Madeley people
  • Three Madeley Houses, their owners and tenants
  • The Brooke Family and Madeley
  • Thomas Parker (1843 – 1915) ‘The Ingenious Engineer’
  • The story of the Anstice Memorial Institute, Madeley
  • Places of worship in Madeley
  • Mines & mining in Madeley
  • Madeley Court (£3.50)

A4 Booklets (£1 each unless individually priced):

  • The Brooke Memorials, St Michaels Church, Madeley
  • The Beeches Hospital
  • The fallen heroes of Coalport & Jackfield in Two World wars: remembered on the Coalport Memorial Bridge
  • The Madeley War Memorial
  • A list of Workers at Kemberton Pit Madeley Wood Colliery
  • The World on a Plate – Recipes from 21st century Madeley people (£2.00 plus P & P)
  • A Taste of the Past – Food and Cooking in Britain throughout the ages (£2.00 plus P & P)
  • The John Randall day school proceedings (£5 plus P & P)

Leaflets (free of charge and available to download from the History group page):

  • Madeley Heritage Trail
  • Madeley Town trail
  • The Kings Tankard
  • The Nine Men of Madeley
  • Parish People No. 1 :Major CAL Yate VC.
  • Parish People No. 2 : Madeley Misdeeds
  • Parish Council No. 3: Revd. John Fletcher
  • Parish Council No. 4: Billy Wright
  • Parish Council No.5: Edith Pargeter
  • Parish People No.6: Richie Woodhall
  • Parish Places No. 1: Lumley Hall
  • Parish Places No. 2: Rough Park Farm


The following maps & walks from a variety of contributors are available:

Other publications available (as priced):

  • Charles & Kath Bartlam – Photographers of Court Street, Madeley by Alan Heighway & Peter Wilson (£10.00 plus P & P)
  • Madeley Through Time by Alan Eaton (£14.99 plus P & P)
  • The Madeley Book (free)
  • Ab Dab (£3.00)