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Anstice Porch Refurbishment Project

Anstice Porch Refurbishment Project


The provision of a new lift as part of the refurbishment scheme on the rear of the Anstice, meant there was no immediate need to restore the front porch to provide better access.

However, given its very prominent position on the Town’s main thoroughfare, its run down and shabby appearance created a very negative impression. As the intention was to use the porch as the main ceremonial entrance to the building for visitors going up to the ballroom, it was felt that an attractive porch would help set the right tone and encourage more people to visit the building.

A provisional sum of £48,000 was therefore set aside from the Madeley Partnership balances to allow for the restoration of the porch to proceed ahead of the main works. This work would be undertaken outside of the main project as it would need a specialist contractor to carry out the repair work.

A Conservation specialist Chris Pike was employed to manage the project on behalf of the Town Council. Listed building consent was secured in October 2018.

Three companies were invited to tender in August 2018. The winning tender was submitted by Croft Building & Conservation Ltd at a price of £26,085.

Work started on the 29 October on the replacement of the existing roof which was totally rotten. The inside of the porch roof would be boarded and properly sealed. An outfall hopper and back corner downpipe will also be replaced.

Then all the old paint was stripped off the porch using a steam-based cleaning system. Then stone and brick repairs were carried out. The repairs were so successful that it was not necessary to repaint most of the stonework. The final repointing of the stonework will be left over until May when the weather will be warmer.

At the same time, the front Anstice emblem and parapet will be repainted using mineral paints. The Parapet coping stone which is stained black will be repainted a stone colour.

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