Committee Meetings

During current Covid-19 pandemic the Council is currently meeting only when required to make urgent decisions via Full Council.

Meetings will take place virtually in order to comply with government restrictions


The decisions of Madeley Town Council are made by the various committees. Each committee meets approximately every two months, at Jubilee House and all Council and Committee meetings are open to the public (with the exception of the Personnel Committee). Members of the public are not generally allowed to speak at meetings but Madeley has made special provision for ‘Public Discussion Time’. This gives members of the public the opportunity to talk about any matter of concern and to discuss it with their Councillors.

Madeley Town Council has 5 committees (including the Full Council) each with their separate areas of responsibility.


For forthcoming meetings click here:      Meeting dates 2020-21

The Full Council oversees all the work of the various committees and makes the final decisions on the larger projects that require funding. It looks after the Council’s policies, determines its Strategic direction and aims to promote and publicise the work of the Parish.


The next meeting will be:    ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE – Monday 12 April 2021 – CLICK HERE FOR AGENDA


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