Madeley History Group Projects

Here are a number of projects that Madeley History Group has been involved in:-


Initiatives supported by Madeley History Group
Date Description of Project   Funding (if grant aided)
2002 Production of the Madeley Community Quilt (now on display in Jubilee House)
2002 Research on history of Russell Road and surrounding green (archive held by Madeley Town Council)
2003 Restoration of the grave of the ‘Nine Men of Madeley’ in St. Michael’s Churchyard and Nine Men education pack. Grant HLF £16,800
Madeley Parish Council £1,870
2004 Restoration of Brook memorials at St Michaels church & Information pack Grant  HLF £ 22,100
Care for Council of Churches £5,000
2005 Restoration of the ‘Turner Memorial’ in St. Michael’s Churchyard. Grant HLF  £5,600
2005 Spirit of 45 concert at Abraham Darby school
2006 Research on history of Woodside Estate (archive held at Park Lane Centre) Grant £500 from Woodside Regeneration
2006 Research into the history of The Beeches hospital (archive held by Madeley Town Council)
2007 Madeley Mini Dig as part of National Archaeology week
2007 Events to commemorate 40th anniversary of the closure of Kemberton pit
2007 Thomas Telford day school
2008 An exhibition at the Coalport China Museum telling the story of King Charles’ dramatic escape after the Battle of Worcester and his stay in Upper House barn, Madeley.
2009 Conservation and publishing the surviving photographic plates produced by Charles & Kathleen Bartlam photographers in Court Street, Madeley. Grant HLF Awards for All £10,000
2010 John Randall day school .
2013 Madeley Heritage Open Day
2014 100th commemorative edition of Madeley Matters Grant HLF £5,500
Grant MTC £2,000
2014 Nine Men of Madeley Community Play  Grant HLF £16,200
Grant MTC £1,500
2016 Telford Development Corporation photo archive project Grant HLF £3,200
Madeley HG £500