Madeley History Group

The Madeley History Group, previously know as The Madeley Living History project, was established as a charity in May 2002 (charity no. 1106774) with the intention to:-

  • To advance the public’s education in the local history of Madeley Parish; and
  • To preserve and protect the artefacts, archives and features of historic or archaeological interest in the area of benefit

To deliver these objectives, its Management Committee was given a number of powers, which are set out in its constitution. The Management Committee meets on a quarterly basis and is currently made up of a mixture of representatives from various organisations:-

  1. not less than two and not more than nine community members elected at the annual general meeting;
  2. six nominated representatives from member organisations  appointed as follows:
  • Madeley Town Council:  two representatives
  • Telford & Wrekin Council: one representative
  • Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust: one representative
  • Madeley History Group – two representatives

Between 2002 and 2010, the Project Manager employed by the Council worked with schools, community groups and individuals to research, record and celebrate the history of Madeley, Sutton Hill and Woodside. The Project Manager was initially based at Madeley Library, but eventually was relocated to the Council offices.

Active members of the group  meet every Tuesday morning at Jubilee House and have produced an ongoing series of publications covering parish local history under the guidance of the Project Manager (see publications page).

New members are welcome, if you would like more details or to contact the group, please email John Corrock at: or call 07873 169 667.

Any local person can become a Friend of the Madeley History Group by attending the AGM. They are entitled to vote at the AGM and can put themselves forward as a Community Representative to sit on the Management Committee.

In November 2012, the role of the Project was reviewed and it was decided to add two additional objects to its constitution so that it could fully support the Town Council which wished to broaden its range of heritage regeneration activities.

The additional objects were:-

  • To preserve for the benefit of the people of Madeley civic parish and of the nation, the historical, architectural and constructional heritage that may exist in and around Madeley civic parish in buildings of particular beauty or historical, architectural or constitutional interest.
  • To provide community facilities for recreational and other leisure and cultural activities in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving the conditions of life for the people of Madeley civic parish.

This allowed the Management Committee to support the activities of the Town Council’s Regeneration Officer, appointed in January 2012, whose role had been changed to work with the owners of a number of buildings in Madeley Centre to identify suitable uses and secure grants to refurbish their properties.  This meant that the Town Council Regeneration Officer would no longer directly support the Madeley History Group.

The Regeneration Officer does still send out email updates to the Friends of the Madeley History Group about local events that are happening during the year. Subscription is free. You can contact if you want any further details.

In May 2019 Madeley History Group decided to change its name from The Madeley Living History Project to reflect the wide range of work that it carries out.